Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip (2 3/4″ strap) – 10005

Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip (2 3/4″ strap) – 10005

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Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip

Our part number 10005 consists of a Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip , with a 2.75″ strap capable of showing off different colors. Different colors can be an effective way to immediately signify what role or access an employee possesses. Also, if coordinated with your logo, these strap clips can be a useful way of giving a unique look to your brand!

This Strap Clip features a strap made from flexible vinyl with a two-hole snap, as well as a Nickel-plated steel (NPS) 2-hole bulldog clip. These strap clips are durable and dependable in securing your ID Badge or Name Tags, and are available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow.


You can also extend your branding efforts by considering our Logo Clips. Contact us to discuss your options at


The Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip can also be used in tandem with our badge holders.

Take, for example, our basic Vertical Proximity Badge Holder with Slot and Chain holes (part number 20026). It can comfortably hold your ID Cards because of its Vinyl makeup. It also allows for Proximity scanners to detect any barcodes underneath. Another option comes with our Vertical Pouch Style Badge Holders (part number 20020). The Zip Closure offered by these badge holders ensures that your ID Cards won’t accidentally fall out, or be stolen from their holder. Moreover, ID Badge Center offers Badge Holders in other colors and styles, making us fully equipped to meet your company’s ID Card requests.

You can also use these clips alongside our ID card lanyards.

This is because of their ability to easily and securely clip onto a split rings. An example of this comes from our Flat, Split-Ring Breakaway Lanyards (part number 50004). ID Badge Center also offers Lanyards in various colors and styles to compliment your company’s colors.

Finally, these Standard Strap Clip Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip are perfect for businesses within retail or corporate environments. This is because of their capacity for color-based role recognition, as well as more advanced branding options. Whether for employee everyday use, an event, or visitors. These clips are an effective way to display your ID badge or name tag.

ID Badge Center offers a full line of accessories for your ID badge needs. If the 2 Hole Color Vinyl Strap Clip is not what you are looking for, contact us at We will make sure to find whatever you need for your system of ID badge security. If it doesn’t exist, we will utilize our team of identification professionals in order to make it. Serving the Identification industry since 1990, you can depend on us.
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Standard Strap Clip Solid Color Vinyl Bulldog Clip

SKU: 10005 Brady People ID 2105-2001 and Brady People ID 2105-2002 and Brady People ID 2105-2004 and Brady People ID 2105-2006 and Brady People ID 2105-2008 and Brady People ID 2105-2009
AKA: 2105-2001
Brady 2105-2002
Brady 2105-2004
Brady 2105-2006
Brady 2105-2008
Brady 2105-2009

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Weight0.16 oz

Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow


End Fitting TypeSteel Bulldog Clip
Minimum Order Quantity1
Product Number10005W
Quick Ship1-5 days
Strap Size2 3/4” (70 mm)



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