Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter – 10018 – $.45 each (Clear Vinyl)

Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter – 10018 – $.45 each (Clear Vinyl)

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Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter

The Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter is one of our 1st generation Years of Service & Award Pin Badge Adapters. It features a horizontal design which allows for a wider display of award pins. In addition, the Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter is perfect for displaying vertical, portrait-style credentials. In terms of design, this Badge Adapter comes with both a top clothing clip, and a clear vinyl, one-hole strap. You can attach the Adapter to your clothing by way of the top clip. Then you can attach any slot-punched ID card to the Adapter by sliding its clear strap through said slot and snapping it around. Pin Holder Badge Adapter, a Badge Adapter to hold your decorative pins, it’s a great Pin Buddy!

The Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter is also a patented product that is perfect for employees who receive award pins and years of service pins in the course of their employment. Their pins conveniently attach to the durable, Clear Vinyl portion of the Adapter instead of poking a hole through their badges. This extends the life of the ID badge and allows your employees to display the award pins they have earned.


Additionally, you can use Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter in tandem with a wide variety of Slot Punches and Proximity Cards.

Take, for example, our 3-in-1 slot punch (product number 80105) which possesses three different punch heads built into its design. Moreover, these heads give you the ability to punch holes, slots, and round corners in your ID cards and badges. This feature enables you to get the most value out of your dollar, as well as meet whatever slot punching needs you identification job requires.

You can also utilize our wide array of Proximity Cards with the Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter. The most notable models we offer include HID Global’s iCLASS® SEOS™ smart cards, iCLASS SE cards, Crescendo Proximity Cards, and the ProxCard II. You can find more information on these products on our Shop’s Proximity Card Page.

ID Badge Center offers a full line of accessories for your ID badge needs. If the Horizontal Strap Clip Adapter is not what you are looking for, contact us at info@idbadgecenter.com. We will make sure to find whatever you need for your system of ID badge security. If it doesn’t exist, we will utilize our team of identification professionals in order to make it. Serving the Identification industry since 1990, you can depend on us.

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Compatible ProductsStrap Clips
Dimensions4.5” H x 2 5/16” W
MaterialClear Vinyl
Product Number10018
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