Clear Vinyl Strap Clip (3 1/2″ strap) – 10014 – $.11 each

Clear Vinyl Strap Clip (3 1/2″ strap) – 10014 – $.11 each

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Clear Vinyl Strap Clip (3 1/2” strap), Nickel Plated

The 3 1/2” Clear Vinyl Strap Clip features an extra long vinyl strap which is the longest strap in our product inventory. Thus, it is the ideal Strap Clip for attaching multiple ID cards, in case the standard length of 2 3/4” can’t carry all of your credentials or badge holders.

The Clear Vinyl Strap Clip also showcases a strap made from flexible vinyl with a two-hole snap, as well as a Nickel-plated steel (NPS) 2-hole bulldog clip. These strap clips are durable and dependable in effectively securing your ID Badge or Name Tags.


The 3 1/2” Clear Vinyl Strap Clip can also be combined with a wide variety of badge holders.

Take, for example, our basic Horizontal Top Load Badge Holder with Slot and Chain holes (part number 20001). It can comfortably hold your ID Cards because of its Clear Vinyl makeup. It also protects them from harmful debris or accidental spills. We also carry our Vertical Top Load Badge Holders with a Color Bar, as well as Slot and Chain holes (part number 20012). These Badge Holders come with a customization bar of color. This allows them to perfectly fit in with the aesthetic of your badges or company

Moreover, ID Badge Center offers Badge Holders in a variety of other colors and styles, including those related to proximity cards. Thus, ID Badge Center is fully equipped to fulfill your company’s ID Card needs.

Finally, the Clear Vinyl Strap Clip is perfect for a variety of business settings. Whether for employee everyday use, an event, or a temporary visitor. These clips are a secure and reliable way to display your ID badge or name tag.

ID Badge Center offers a full line of accessories for your ID badge needs. If the Clear Vinyl Strap Clip is not what you are looking for, contact us at info@idbadgecenter.com. We will make sure to find whatever you need for your system of ID badge security. If it doesn’t exist, we will utilize our team of identification professionals in order to make it. Serving the Identification industry since 1990, you can depend on us.

Integrated ID Systems, Inc.
Clear Vinyl Strap Clip

SKU: 10014 Brady People ID 2105-3100
AKA:  2105-3100

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Additional information

Weight16.0 oz


End Fitting TypeSteel Bulldog Clip
MaterialClear Vinyl
Minimum Order Quantity100
Product Number10014
Quick Ship1-5 days
Strap Size3 1/2” (89 mm)



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