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Using Printer Cleaning Kits is probably the single most important thing you can do for your photo ID card printer. This is because a constant cleaning schedule allows you to get the most years out of said product.

For the record, we recommend cleaning the printer after every 1,000 cards printed. In addition, this should involve the cleaning of parts such as the card path, card path rollers and print-head. You can accomplish this by using the printer cleaning kits available for sale by HID Global. These printer cleaning kits are available for any Direct-to-Card (DTC) or High-Definition-Printing (HDP) HID Fargo ID Card Printer.

Furthermore, printer inspection and/or servicing is recommended after every 50,000 cards printed. This can also potentially involve the replacement of mechanical parts such as, but not limited to, rollers, belts, pulleys and o-rings.

All printer parts can be maintained with kits containing printhead cleaning pens, interior cleaning cards, interior/exterior cleaning pads, card cleaning cartridges and high-volume card cleaning tapes.

ID Badge Center offers a full line of accessories for your ID badge needs. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, or need more information on how to clean your printer, contact us at at We will make sure to find whatever you need for your system of ID badge security. If it doesn’t exist, we will utilize our team of identification professionals in order to make it. Serving the Identification industry since 1990, you can depend on us.