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ID Badge Clips

ID Badge Clips are a simple, yet affordable card attachment solution which can easily display ID badges for viewing by others or security.


These products consist of a strap, usually made from flexible materials such as vinyl, Mylar, or plastic, as well as a clip made out of stainless steel or nickel. These two facets make it effortless for anybody to safely secure their ID cards to almost any piece of clothing. Furthermore, ID Badge Clips can come in a variety of styles. These include different strap materials, colors, lengths, and end fittings. Additionally, you can order Badge Clips with built-in swivel pins to more comfortably fasten your clips.

Finally, strap clips are a viable card accessory for a variety of markets and industries. For example, Hospitals, Schools, Manufacturing Plants, etc. In addition, ID badge clips can offer an inexpensive means to wear your badge in a corporate or office building environment.

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