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Mission Statement

At ID Badge Center, we are committed to making Identification Security as simple and manageable as possible. We believe that every company or event deserves a stable system of protection from unauthorized or potentially dangerous individuals.

About History

Identification Security can seem like a fairly complex topic with all its various bells and whistles. From Printers, to Software, to Card Types, to Accessories, it takes a person with proper training to maintain an effective ID Badge System of Security. This daunting complexity has led some events and organizations to adopt less secure methods of identification. These include having Visitors sign in on a piece of paper, or handing out photo-less name tags.

ID Badge Center was formed to combat the potential breaches in security these systems can pose. We accomplish this by both carrying a wide array of Identification Security Technology, and taking care to train you in all of their aspects. From their initial descriptions, to one-on-one technical support calls, to thorough repairs, we have equipped our staff with the tools necessary for keeping you above the ever shifting waves of ID Security.

Additionally, these tools have been in use for over twenty-eight years. That’s right, almost three decades of experience is at your disposal should you choose to enlist our services. However, this doesn’t mean we’re an old dog who can’t learn new tricks. If you have an ID Security related problem, but don’t see an exact solution on our website, we will utilize our team of identification security professionals to create the solution that’s right for you.


Below you will find a quick list of the four most prominent items we carry for our customers. If you would like to see our full line of Identification Security Products, click the button which reads, “View All Products”, or the Shop page at the top of your screen.

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Email: info@idbadgecenter.com

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